The Reiki I basic course teaches the general historical background and the Reiki basics as well as their application. All required techniques are discussed and trained in detail. Still, much more happens along with the initiation!


- History and present of Reiki

- The Reiki energy

- Reiki healing therapy

- Reiki treatment

- Reiki and the spiritual path

- Reiki and meditation

- Reiki in combination with other alternative healing methods

- Reiki energy and the evolution of consciousness

During the Reiki II course you are taught all the conventional contents of the second Reiki degree. However, you are not merely given “new learning content” on your Reiki path. You will learn a lot in this seminar, but along with it you will receive much more than your mind can perceive. This course is also useful for people who already have received the second Reiki degree in a conventional Reiki seminar.

Higher Reiki degrees may be given on demand and after a personal consultation with the Master.