“I am THIS, which I have become aware of – become aware yourself!”

Until now very few people have managed to step out of the third dimension, in which we all reside, and to open for themselves a new space, which I call the fourth dimension. This dimension becomes accessible to the new consciousness after enlightenment. It is free of time, visible matter and all concepts of the human mind. Only a few of these blessed human beings have tried to reveal their wisdom to us because it is very difficult to describe the unfathomable in words. Some of them are our prophets: Jesus, Buddha, Moses and Mohammad. Lao Tzu, Socrates, Goethe and Beethoven were also enlightened without ever having been spiritual teachers. In our time Osho, Maharshi and Gurdjieff can be named. The enlightened beings often remain unappreciated in their lifetime; society usually crucifies them with the conformable means of the corresponding era.

After the death of a master, the unenlightened try to preserve the essence of the teachings, but since the consciousness of the masses is not sufficiently mature the messages of the wise men always end up in religious wars, institutions or sects. What remains are only legends, myths, religious beliefs or speculations of the mind, but the true essence – the aroma of the fourth dimension – has been dispersed like ashes in the wind. Unfortunately till now humanity has only been asleep. Few are those who have managed to discover for themselves the true meaning of their existence on this planet.

Since my enlightenment I have been haunted by the inner desire to make the fourth dimension accessible to other people as well. Enlightenment itself is not visible from the outside, but when you yourself live in the fourth dimension, you know that everything has changed – nothing is the way it used to be. You have discovered the Buddha within yourself. This is what all wise men have ever been trying to pass down to you. On this planet man cannot achieve anything higher. You may have immeasurable treasures, you may have power over the entire world, but if you have not come to know your being, you have nothing you can take with yourself after death.

Here on Earth, one and only one task can bring you lasting results – to achieve immortality through your leap to a higher level of consciousness. This leap is the greatest gift that you can give yourself, and it is the only reason why you were born on this planet. Everything else is transient; only this leap allows you to consciously enter into eternity.

There is little time in the third dimension because the human existence here is still limited. It is this lack of time that forces a Master to work uncompromisingly. Any civilization has also a limited period of time for evolution in which to achieve the leap into the higher level of consciousness; otherwise it will perish because it runs the risk of driving its consciousness into degeneration. We are given about 40,000 years. In addition, our planet is coming to the end of its existence. The changes on our planet will run faster in the future; those who have eyes may already see it happening, without the need to interpret the signs in the Bible. Even Mars is not an alternative for mankind because we are children of Earth. On another planet our consciousness could not develop due to the difference in gravitation and fine matters; our consciousness is directly dependent on the space where it comes from. It cannot be implanted elsewhere.

For more than a decade I have been working with people and I have always noticed that although the longing to come home is rooted in them, many of them lose themselves on the way; they take detours and search for new playgrounds, which bring them back to where they have already been. Therefore I am uncompromising in my work; I follow the principles of Existence and consciously distance myself from providing an attractive presentation. The beautiful stories that we are all one and everyone will arrive sometime are not at all helpful on the Path. That is why sometimes I am demanding. I want you to succeed – in this life! Only the one who does not get distracted can be successful in one life. With regard to self-realization, traditions, religions and techniques play only a supporting role, because if you are not willing to know yourself, you will never know the Divine.

Anyone who comes to me can rest assured that I will do everything to free them from their ego and their mind. These two phenomena are like rocks on the path. Therefore, do not expect me to touch you with velvet gloves; that would only serve your personality, not your being! I give everyone what they need at a given moment so that they can advance. That is why my work cannot be wrapped in one philosophy, method or tradition. All prophets and all true masters have come without a “trunk” to this planet and have left without any “luggage”.

No one is obliged to follow a spiritual master in their quest, but everyone needs competent support on their path. Very rarely can someone succeed all alone because that requires the fulfillment of a number of prerequisites. Observe your path and your search without paying attention to what you receive. When anything goes wrong, take responsibility for your mistakes instead of blaming Existence, for Existence is merely a reflection of your search.

I am a mirror – you can see yourself in me.

I am not what you think you see.

I am not what you think you hear.

I am THIS, which I have become aware of – become aware yourself!

Your need is constantly receiving a response from Existence. You find exactly THAT, which you are looking for. If you are looking for yourself, you will find yourself – and only through yourself can you experience enlightenment.

My work is based on this knowledge; it is the basis of my competence. I want you to awaken. That is all you need to know when you come to me and therefore I will not compromise.

Out of love for your being.