Premises for your Path: Modern man is the result of a remarkable history of evolution (an entire 18 billion years), which has taken place not only in the visible biological-material scheme. Parallel to the biological-material development, the invisible for us structures of anti-matter have also developed. The human body, its chemistry, physics and biology are part of the development of matter – their equivalent in the macro cosmos are the stars, planets and galaxies. Still eighty percent of the Universe is anti-matter, also known as the “black energy”. The same is valid for the human micro cosmos. For thousands of years this phenomenon has been described as the Spirit, Soul or Being. As of lately we have added the term “consciousness”.

Our bodies originate from the roots of this planet. They are children of the primary elements and the respective star. The evolution of matter is determined by the planetary home.

Our Being is composed of the so called Spirit and Soul, which after the physical death separate again. They originate from the cosmic anti-matter. Consciousness is the tie. It consists of higher light quanta. The potential for development of consciousness is encoded behind the genetic code, behind the molecular structures of the cell, in the hidden valences. The entire anti-material evolution is memorized in these valences, which also consist of light quanta.

The origin of consciousness can be found in the “divine kitchen”: the black holes. This is where new consciousness is born. When a certain density is achieved, an explosion follows and new matter manifests. Because the new consciousness needs space, the Cosmos continues to expand.

There are many different levels of consciousness; to simplify matters I will call them х1 through х10. With his developed individual consciousness, man is on level х3. Consciousness determines the entire path of the visible external evolution because its level modifies the matter and space where it can develop itself. The higher it is evolved, the lower is the density of matter and the greater the space it takes. From this follows that if we want to leave our three dimensional space and its givens, we first have to adjust our consciousness to a different dimension. This also is development, a process, yet the entering into the new dimension happens in a split second – it is a leap.

We call this leap Heaven, Nirvana, the Promised Land or Enlightenment. This is a normal process in the evolution of human consciousness, but it has to happen consciously. Man matures for this leap when the hidden valences behind his genetic code “awaken”. This always happens when the biological evolution is completed.

The ordinary man needs between 50 and 500 lives to achieve enlightenment. No one knows exactly where you are and how much longer your search will continue. Yet you should not regard this process as fate, you can take it in your hands. As a matter of fact, the spontaneous enlightenment is a product of the previous life. No enlightenment happens unconsciously. You have to want it and prepare yourself – then you will be blessed. The individual consciousness is characterized by free will. You decide!

On this planet we cannot achieve anything higher than enlightenment – the jump from the third to the fourth dimension. The choice is yours! Make your decision!