Satsang is an encounter with WHAT you really ARE: an encounter with your divine essence. Satsang is the discerning of your own soul, an encounter with your true Self, a return to your home. It is an insight to your true being – the Being that all saints have spoken of. Here you meet your “inner Buddha”, the “heaven” that Jesus, along with all the other prophets, has bespoken of.

It has always been difficult for mankind to “peek into Nirvana”. Holy books have been written to awaken human consciousness but still most of humanity has been slipping by this knowledge for thousands of years. Only a few have had the chance to get an insight into the mysteries of life because our mind is unable to perceive and assimilate the mysteries of existence. It takes an open consciousness for that to happen. Only thus do we have the chance to experience our essence, soul, and being. This is the challenge of life. We were born on this planet to realize WHO we are. Whenever we speak of truth, silence, peace, love, and freedom, they remain only words. The ESSENCE cannot be conveyed in words. God can be found only beyond concepts and personality. Mysteries cannot be conveyed intellectually.

However, man does not stand helpless before the divine existence, in capture of his own individual consciousness. He has the potential to open his consciousness for his soul. This divine blessing has made man the only form of life on this planet able to become aware of its BEING. This is why we have been given life on this planet – to be able to become aware WHO we really are, WHERE we come from, and WHERE we are going. The only thing we have to do is to consciously accept the appropriate means, for we have already been given everything. Each human being has the ability to AWAKEN in this life. Enlightenment is not a privilege for a select few. God expects each of us in every moment!

Satsang is an opportunity for the human consciousness to open up for the divine blessing. Satsang could become a flying carpet for you and anyone else who has the inner thirst to drink at long last pure water from the spring. There is no need for you to do anything. Satsang is an invitation for you to come as nothing and to disappear into nothingness. Satsang is both liberation and realization. You can free yourself from your personality and simultaneously merge with the ocean of consciousness. In this experience there are no words, actions, or limits: there is only serene, boundless freedom in harmony with existence.

In satsang you are a breath of eternity. Only in this state of freedom you can become aware and experience. Your own dream dissolves into awareness, your ego – into pure being. All your needs are fulfilled and at the same time you are free of new ones because satsang is not a compensation for a new dream but a liberation from all your limitations. This state is like a flight of your spirit. There is NOTHING and at the same time EVERYTHING. Along with the dissolving of your boundaries, in deep humility you merge with NOTHINGNESS and gain EVERYTHING: without questions, without deeds, without needs, without pain and suffering. No more I, MINE, or THING; no weaknesses, nor fears: only existence in NOTHINGNESS without ANY-THING.

This state cannot be understood. It may happen to you and you can experience it. Like a drop merging into the ocean – you are here and at the same time you are not. You flow with the river of life – the river in you and you in it. Expressing this experience goes beyond the capacity of mind and language. Therefore all these words are also merely an attempt to express the inexpressible: a finger pointing at the moon knowing that it will not be understood.

Such state of freedom may come to you out of the blue, but it cannot be expressed. Inner liberation is a precondition for the satsang experience. In the stillness of your pure being, in this infinite nothingness you experience your essence and discover THIS, which IS and at the same time has NEVER BEEN and NEVER WILL BE.

Very rarely does someone experience satsang like a “bolt out of the blue”. Spontaneous enlightenments are extremely rare. An awakened one radiates the omnipresence of God. Thanks to this radiating phenomenon, AWAKENINGS can happen during satsang.

In the presence of an enlightened master, of an awakened one, satsang is an invitation for you to experience your being in stillness: beyond all words, beyond all your boundaries. There is so much to say and yet NOTHING. Only in silence, in the absolute stillness of existence is the essential revealed. Satsang is a heart to heart communication: between your true being and THIS, which always IS, has always been, and always will be.

God is not in faith: He is in you! What is satsang? You probably still do not know. Even Jesus tried to awaken his followers but they lacked maturity and kept falling asleep.

“I invite you to encounter your true self. It is beautiful. You really are a child of God. Become aware of it: God lives in you. All you have to do is open up and you will encounter him. You, too, can experience enlightenment – in every moment. Satsang is an opportunity to become aware of your true self and to finally know WHO YOU ARE.”