My wish: I am not here to tell you anything new. Mankind has known of the phenomenon of enlightenment for thousands of years. There is nothing new under the sun. Everything has already been said many times. There is nothing to add to the messages of the ancient masters. They speak for themselves.

During the last Era of Air, some 8,000 years ago, the Vedas were written. No one knows how they appeared on Earth. It seems that this was the first time in the history of human development when humanity was able to peek into higher dimensions. The wise men of that time remained silent or had to use the form of legends, myths, and songs to express their knowledge. (Air Baptism)

Four thousand years before Christ, humanity lived in the so-called Era of Earth. The prophets of that time were Gilgamesh, Moses, and Mahavira. New religious traditions were born to correspond to the current times. Hence, the Old Testament is ostensibly different from the Vedas, but the essence is the same. (Earth Baptism)

From two thousand years B.C. up to the birth of Christ, humanity lived in the Era of Fire. The prophets of that time were Lao Tzu, Socrates, Zarathustra, and Buddha. The lore of that time reflects a change in the evolution of human consciousness – man realized his self-responsibility. “Nirvana is in us.” (Fire Baptism)

The Era of Water began with John the Baptist. The prophets of that time were Jesus and Mohammad. All religions have their prophets as doors to the truth. Whether it is the Bible or the Koran – the source of the prophets is one and the same. (Water Baptism)

During the last 2000 years the human consciousness has endured enormous development. That was the mission of the religions’ founders: they came to awaken the human consciousness. And although they fulfilled their mission, the human individual has managed to grasp only part of the message. Therefore groups of followers and movements were formed quickly, but they only diluted the essence of the masters. Prophets work with the collective consciousness of humanity. Their appearance has always had a powerful impact on the human consciousness. Only they were able to leave a trace for humanity to follow for thousands of years ahead.

It took billions of years in the evolutionary process for the species Homo sapiens to evolve. With respect to the biological evolution the human development is completed. On molecular level we can clone people, but that is far from a leap to a higher level of consciousness. The crucial point in development is always the following: WHAT exactly is responsible for the jump to a higher life form, or in other words: Which ape can become a human being?

Animals and plants have only collective consciousness. They have no chance of becoming aware of themselves and their existence. It took eighteen billion years for individual consciousness to evolve from the Earth Logo’s proto-cell. Man is the only life form on this planet which managed to develop an individual consciousness. The evolution of consciousness is not embedded in the genetic code and therefore science cannot go beyond the horizontal development. The evolution of consciousness is coded in the hidden valences – it is, so to speak, the divine in us. The hidden valences are superior structures of the higher light sources, which control the molecular structure through quantum processes. They are responsible for the evolutionary and incarnation drive and for the expansion of the cosmos, because the new consciousness needs space.

What is hidden in the treasury of individual consciousness? The answer is: AWARENESS! This is what distinguishes us from apes. From a biological perspective, we differ in only one percent, but still that difference is stunning, isn’t it? This is due to the fact that the genetic code controls only the outward manifestation, but not the evolution of consciousness. The development of the genetic structures of each life form reaches its end while still in the same form, and then the form disappears. The potential of utilizing the valences hidden behind the genetic code determines the time you need to stay in one life form. The form always dies. Only consciousness can survive. In this respect, the level of man’s individual consciousness is still far away from its peak. Existence has yet many surprises for us: this is not the end!

Today humanity is exactly at the point where it has to realize that the biological-horizontal development is already finished and that now a conscious vertical development has to follow. This is the only chance for survival. This is what Jesus meant by “Resurrection” – “Heaven”. Moses described it as “The Sacred Land”, Buddha – as “Nirvana”, and in the Koran it is called “La ilaha ill-Allah”.

When you once in your lifetime consciously manage to jump into a higher level of consciousness, you free yourself from the biological matrix. Then you keep your consciousness even after the physical death. All prophets lived in this state. They had to constantly adjust their wording according to their listeners. Without media or scientific knowledge, their job was difficult because people were still very barbaric. The only chance for humanity at that time was the creation of some kind of faith to preserve the Knowledge about God.

Today, however, humanity as a whole has advanced enough in its development to discard the matrix of faith. Today, knowledge has to be succeeded by awareness. Religious wars must end. All religions and traditions have lasted until now because man feels the unconscious strong urge to live in the state of “pure being”. This need is natural. However, living in the state of pure being is a spiritual need and it is not as obvious to man as his physiological needs. The increasing interest in esotericism and spirituality indicates this inner yearning, which up to this point the church has been trying to satisfy more or less. Instead of once again stashing his understanding of enlightenment in the closet, trading it under the name of “esotericism” and “spirituality”, everyone has to realize that awakening is a natural process in the evolution of human consciousness. Enlightenment is as natural as the air that you breathe and the water that quenches your thirst.

Enlightenment needs no wrapping, social groups, religious societies, spiritual formations, or esoteric market. Enlightenment is your birthright; it is accessible for everyone – irrelevant of your age, sex, profession, nationality, faith, concepts, or other external conditions. Enlightenment is the name of the next big step in the evolution of mankind.

Technical progress is development in the direction of horizontal changes – within the cycle of life and death. Enlightenment is a development in the direction of transformation. Eternity, immortality can be perceived through awakening. What turned Jesus into Christ, Siddhartha into Buddha? The secret is that they accepted and became aware of a higher life form, which revealed itself to them, and then their individual consciousness connected itself with the divine source. Just like everyone has been given the potential of walking upright, everybody carries within themselves the valences of awakening.

There are sufficient examples in the history of mankind even after Jesus Christ. Nostradamus was enlightened, and so was Saint Francis of Assisi, Tilopa, Milarepa, Mevlana… Most enlightened ones, though, did not go down in history. Michelangelo, Goethe, Beethoven were enlightened as well; they used their art to express their state of being. Hermann Hesse, Khalil Gibran and Albert Einstein were a step before enlightenment. Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharshi, and Osho were the three greatest spiritual teachers of the last century.

One does not need be a supporter of Osho to see his contribution to human consciousness. But those, who hang onto specific wordings, or quote bad examples from Poona, totally miss the essence of his message and spit at all ancient teachers. Masters have always been betrayed by their disciples! Therefore wise masters never leave new masters to succeed them! The “new masters” could be nothing but a cheap copy. Jesus was betrayed, and so was Buddha after his death. Today they tear Osho’s words into pieces and criticize his followers. What does Jesus have to do with Judah? What does Osho have to do with human stupidity?

Time after time humanity is falling for the same old model: instead of recognizing the masters, we crucify them and spit at them. And later, “in the name of faith”, we build monuments in their memory. This is not about faith, technology, traditions, or wording. This is not about anything else but YOUR LIFE! Realize the chance you have – there are no new truths: do not buy this. Enlightenment is not an item that can be purchased on the esoteric market. You cannot haggle over God’s mercy!

I am here to show you the incredible chance you have, to turn your attention to the fact that you are at the threshold of a decision – at the threshold between the horizontal development and the vertical leap. From a biological perspective: Some apes made the leap into human form – you were among them.In the last eight thousand years there have been individuals, who managed the leap beyond the human – into the divine. Do you want to be among them? This is the main question for humanity at this level of consciousness in this millennium.

During the past eight thousand years mankind has been initiated in the four basic elements. Each phase lasted two thousand years. Now is the end of the Era of Water and we are entering another Era of Air. Each era of air is an era of spiritual flight and higher inspiration far beyond the normal processes of human evolution. May humanity awaken at last!

This is my wish.

There is one more, a fifth element. The fifth element unites the other four – fire, water, air, and earth. What is more, it also provides for their existence. Without the fifth element, no happening would be possible – it is the key to all processes, it is the spark, the breath… May we make of the next era The Era of The Fifth Element! (Ether Baptism)

This is my wish.

Realize your chance; realize the essence of the messages of our prophets and wise men. Enlightenment is a mystery, but it is not a secret! It always happens NOW, in a split second. Life after enlightenment is nothing like the life you are leading now. I have not forgotten how it was before and therefore I understand you so well. Do not try to understand me, try to absorb the essence! God has been waiting for each of you for so long! When will you realize? HE is in you – you just have to open yourself! You can do the Small – the Big will reveal itself to you.

This is my wish.

There is nothing more important for man than to free himself from the matrix. However, he has to become aware of the matrix first! When you know WHO you are, you will know where you are coming from and where you are going to.

This is my wish.

I humbly bow before all who have worked for the human consciousness on this planet prior to me. They have prepared a fertile ground – for a humanity that is already capable of realizing that everyone decides for themselves. Awakening is not difficult if you yearn for it from the bottom of your heart!

This is my wish – for each of you.