“Do not seek the traces of the enlightened ones.
Seek what they have sought.”

Zanko was born in 1954 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Through his enlightened great-grandmother he became aware of unconditional love and egolessness already in his early childhood. At the age of seven, Zanko had first glimpses of his true nature. His teenage and adolescent years were a period of stormy zeal. On his quest for truth and true love he broke with all traditional religious and value concepts, in spite of all resulting risks and the restrictions of the communist regime of that time. In 1982 the grace of Awakening revealed itself to him. He dissolved into the light of infinite consciousness and the volcano fire of selfless love.

Only after his enlightenment, Zanko visited masters to train himself to be a master of disciples. For many years he studied various traditions and techniques. A long time in inner silence and reflection followed that period. In 1994 he started offering retreats, satsang and workshops in Bulgaria, where meanwhile a spiritual center has been established under his guidance.

Since 2003 Zanko has lived in Germany, where he offers seminars and retreats in German language. He is the founder of “Universum Foundation”, whose goal is to encourage the cultural and spiritual development, communication, and tolerance in the modern world.